Who invented the vacuum cleaner?

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Who invented the vacuum cleaner?

Author: Berg Johnson

Published: 4/10/2013
vacuum cleaner How many inventions over the years the invention of the vacuum cleaner is surrounded by a great debate to know who it is, with the first vacuum cleaner. We need to go so far that the 1800s years, to try to understand what the people in their homes and how they went to the cleaning.

First, we can trace one of the first and best known of 1860, when David Hess had a problem so that the housewives at the time. In those days the people on the ground in wood, to try to keep dust to a minimum. Of course, the dirt on the carpet and remain the only way to reduce the suspension was wrong and the carpet with a stick. A short time later, the band drummer, like a tennis racket.

This is, however, that David Hess, who thought he needed a lighter, the cleaning of carpets and it came with a carpet, the rotating brush on a broom with a bellows, the system has the ‘quest. Is or was it a “vacuum cleaner”? The machine was also made of two of water, which has the fine dust and particulate emissions. The only problem with this invention is that there is no evidence that it has never occurred.

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